Tackling tough subjects and bringing them to life with dynamic storytelling, Rev. Misty adds a dash of humor and a dose of reality to bring into focus the blessings that can happen in a messy life. She reminds us that we are here to learn from each other and that love is our legacy.

Keynote Speaker

Forgiveness Speaker

Hospice Trainer

Misty’s technique, message and training applies to a wide array of audiences and across a multitude of industries:
  • Professional training for hospice and other medical professionals on how use Rev. Misty’s Forgiveness Algorithm™
  • Certified death doula who can provide training and certify others
  • Assisting corporations both large and small by fostering stronger, authentic bonds between co-workers with fun team building workshops
  • Individual and small group grief support and forgiveness issues
  • Interviews (click here) and is regularly interviewed by professionals across the nation. Click here to listen to some of her thought-provoking radio interviews


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