How to Forgive your EX

Learn How To Forgive Your Ex

The first crucial step to having a happy life is learning how to let it go. It is not easy when what happened was unfair and so very hurtful. It can make you feel like you will never get justice for all the wrong done to you. In this class, I will show you truly feel better and move on from your past relationship.

Is Your Ex Toxic?

There Is Hope!

Is Your Ex a Jerk?

Feel Freedom. Unload The Unhappiness.
Live, Laugh & Love Again.

You Will Be Able To:
Fix your life & improve ALL your relationships!

Here’s what you will get:

You Will Learn My Secret, Proven, Trademarked 6 step method.

I will Show You The Path To Let It Go & Move On In YOUR LIFE!

"Misty Tyme is not only the consummate forgiveness professional; she is filled with heart and soul. What I love about her classes is the blend of compassion and understanding with excellent tools from which everyone can benefit. Not one person can go through life without someone to forgive. It can be excruciatingly painful and seem impossible, but Misty’s understanding of relationships, of “will and skill” and other tools and concepts can help you heal a lifetime of hurts and come out even stronger. I highly recommend her courses, and her coaching."
Bridget Cook-Burch
New York Times Best Selling Author