How to Forgive your EX

How to forgive your ex

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Is your Ex Toxic?

Is your Ex a Jerk?

Do you want to feel better?

The first crucial step to having a happy life is learning how to let go. It is not easy to do when your relationship was unfair and so very hurtful. It can make you feel like you will never get justice for all the wrong that was done to you. In this class, I will show you how to truly feel better and move on from your past relationship.

Learn How To Forgive!

Discover How To “Let it Go”!

Here’s what you will get:

  • Six crucial steps, used in my transformational trademarked step by step method, to help you heal and move on.
  • Learn to shift your expectations – rebuild and grow from a relationship gone bad.
  • The #1 most important key to letting go and picking a better partner next time.
  • The answer to why people keep picking the wrong person.
  • Access to an exclusive private Facebook group

Regularly $247

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Proven trademarked six-step method you can apply today and the rest of your life to help with all your relationship
  • You’ll learn all the secrets to help you permanently move past your EX.
  • Exercise and activities guaranteed to put you on a solid foundation that will get you feeling better today!
ACT NOW! Today is the day to start feeling better. Today is the day to heal and let it go. I know you can do this, let me show you how. Why hurt? Dive in, get wiser, take the big leap to recovery now!.
The truth is… it’s not as hard as you might think. Friends, at some time or another we all ask ourselves, “how do you get over the resentment and anger?” And then you wonder how you will ever be ready for another love if you don’t “get over” it and “move on”. Honestly, without some help and guidance, it could take you years to move on. Why waste time harboring feelings from the past? Make the change now!

Regularly $247

Course Modules

  • Intro to How to forgive your Ex
  • Love, Romance and Divorce: When Love Goes Wrong
  • What Forgiveness Is and What It Is NOT
  • Expectations and Apologies
  • Forgiveness Tools
  • Choosing to Forgive
  • Moving Forward