Find Peace & Happiness Through Forgiveness

Learn the Steps to Successfully Forgive Anyone (Including Yourself)

Find Peace

Learn how to forgive and let it go.

Feel Joy

Discover the joy that comes to those who know the secret of how to forgive.

Move On

See the world through eyes of possibility not based on the pain of the past.


Misty Tyme is an author, speaker, trainer, forgiveness expert, certified death doula, interfaith reverend and creator of The Forgiveness AlgorithmTM. Her mission is clear: to bring a forgiveness tool to a cynical world that is craving a way to let go of pain and anger. Armed with the motto that “forgiveness is the link between love and healing,” she believes when we practice forgiveness, we make room in our hearts for more love and kindness. With a gift for opening hearts through her humorous and touching stories, Misty Tyme is known for uplifting and enlightening audiences from big stages to small groups across the U.S. through her keynote talks, presentations and workshops.

Forgiveness is the link between love and healing.

All major religions and societies agree forgiveness is a good idea. We are better human beings when we let things go. But what they haven’t taught us is how to let it go. Misty Tyme’s Forgiveness AlgorithmTM gives you the how in a proven step-by-step formula that brings relief from pain and anger and puts you on the road to living the happy, healthy life that God has intended for you.

With her signature humor and heart-opening stories, Misty Tyme teaches you how to shift your perspective and adjust your expectations of people and situations, so you can move past the pain of un-forgiveness. She draws upon her intensely personal experiences of facing deep sadness, anger, grief and the power of forgiveness, Misty Tyme meets you right where you are and helps you along your own forgiveness journey.

Online Forgiveness Classes

Our classes guide you step-by-step through the process of forgiving. Take each class from the comfort of your home. Completely private, walk through the class at your own pace and learn the steps you can take to forgive those who have hurt or betrayed you. Move past the pain and find peace and joy in your life.

Forgive Your EX


In this class you will gain the tools to “let- it-go”, to learn and grow from sad and painful situations. This class is focused on how to forgive an ex in a love relationship. But, frankly, the tools I give you will help in all of your relationships.   

Forgive Your Family


Whether you were born into your family or you were adopted, your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins are the first people that are supposed to love, teach and protect you. Unfortunately, some families are difficult or even abusive, leaving us with anger, pain and un-forgiveness.

What forgiveness is & what it is not


The world tells you that you should “let it go” that you should forgive, so you will feel better.

Then why can’t we forgive? Why can’t we “let it go”?

One of the problems is that forgiveness has been twisted into a knot of unhealthy boundaries and confusing requests, leaving all of us with myths and misconceptions of what forgiveness really is and is not.  

Public Speaking


Misty is an outstanding speaker, teacher and professional in that she puts her heart and soul into each presentation.

Forgiveness Speaker

Misty has opened hearts and windows of opportunity for a greater love through her contemplative stories showing how forgiveness can heal and mend relationships.

Hospice Trainer

As a Certified Death Doula, Interfaith Reverend and Creator of The Forgiveness Algorithm™, Misty has powerful insight into death, finding peace for those passing, and those left behind.

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