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The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Process to Let it Go

“Forgiveness is the link between love and healing.”

– Misty Tyme

All major religions and societies agree forgiveness is a good idea. We are better human beings when we let things go. But what they haven’t taught us is how to let it go. Misty Tyme’s Forgiveness AlgorithmTM gives you the how in a proven step-by-step formula that brings relief from pain and anger and puts you on the road to living the happy, healthy life that God has intended for you.

With her signature humor and heart-opening stories, Misty Tyme teaches you how to shift your perspective and adjust your expectations of people and situations, so you can move past the pain of un-forgiveness. She draws upon her intensely personal experiences of facing deep sadness, anger, grief and the power of forgiveness, Misty Tyme meets you right where you are and helps you along your own forgiveness journey.

New! Crappy to Happy; True Stories of Grit, Grace, and Love

Into every life, some rain must fall. Fortunately, no storm lasts forever.


Do bad things happen to good people, or could the difficulties we face be gifts in disguise? You decide as thirty courageous authors share their poignant true stories with you.

Walk alongside the writers as they weather the storms of gender and sexual identity, crises of faith, divorce, addiction, health challenges, lost love, and more. Find inspiration for your future as you gain deeper insight into the meaning of life’s challenges.

Misty Tyme is a contributing author and shares her Crappy to Happy story. 

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