Why Use A Podcast To Share Stories of Forgiveness

A new way to share stories and touch lives.

Well, first I’ll start off by explaining what a podcast is, in case you aren’t exactly sure.  A podcast is a downloadable audio file that people can listen to when, where, and how they want.  They can be listened to in the car, on a run or walk, in the airport, or wherever is most convenient for the listener.  Podcasts often tell stories, provide useful information, give you a laugh, or sometimes they are just used within businesses for training purposes and general communication.  They can pretty much be manipulated in any way, but the key is the content.  It has to be good and something people want to keep listening to.   

Personally, I use podcasts as a tool to share stories of forgiveness.  I started my channel on July 12th of 2017 and got such great feedback that I post a new podcast about once a week. The Forgiveness Solution podcasts can be found on my website and on Sacred Stories Media. I host and interview real people sharing their real life experiences and stories pertaining to forgiveness.  Their stories are all around 30 minutes and so ear-grabbing because of their raw honesty and vulnerability. You may be able to relate to some of the stories and be inspired by their words or truly feel moved.  It will feel as if you are being spoken to directly like you are in the room with the storyteller on the other end.  

The latest podcast on my channel, The Forgiveness Solution: Be Transformed, posted on August 15, 2017, introduces Certified Life Mastery Consultant Pam Burton, and it shares her journey through life and explains how the power of forgiveness was truly transformative for her.  Pam then proceeds to outline tangible steps you can take to start to transform your life too through the power of forgiveness.  Her story is really moving and I promise you will be touched and inspired to start transforming your life for the better when you finish listening.

I feel that these podcasts are so important because they show others that they are not alone. Whatever situation or hardships they may be facing, someone else has or is currently going through something similar.  We can all learn from each other.  Plus, the storytellers I host don’t sugar coat anything.  They tell their stories like they are.  They are truthful.  For example, on August 9, 2017, Lisa Z shares her story about dealing with her husband’s porn addiction.  She discovered his addiction when they were just newlyweds and she explains how it took 14 years of twists and turns before faith, love, and forgiveness ultimately triumphed. Now, if that doesn’t show the power of forgiveness, then I don’t know what does.  You will be blown away by some of these stories and how forgiveness was truly the power and force that helped a major breakthrough or life transformation.

If you are interested in listening to these real life stories of forgiveness, please feel free to subscribe to my channel for updates and new posts. I find people asking more and more, “Do you listen to podcasts?” So the next time someone asks you that, you can say, “I do! I listen to The Forgiveness Solution.”  

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