TODAY is National Situational Awareness Day

What Is Situational Awareness?

Every year on September 26th, whether we are aware of it or not, it is National Situational Awareness Day. Let’s talk about what situational awareness is and why there is a day dedicated to it…

“Situational awareness is the foundation of one’s personal safety since it focuses on being aware and paying attention to your environment.”

I like to refer to situational awareness as mindfulness.  The more you practice situational awareness (mindfulness), the more present you’ll be in your daily life.  Being more present allows you to make better decisions in every aspect of your life. Safety experts say that situational awareness is the number one skill to learn for the safety of everyone.

The reason situational awareness has a day dedicated to it is that it aims to highlight the importance of using situational awareness skills in your day-to-day to stay safe and smart.  We live in a crazy world today and if you aren’t aware of your surroundings and situation you are in  then you are more likely to be in harm’s way.

You may be thinking…how should I observe this day?  Well, you can by discussing mindfulness’ importance with those around you.  Pay attention to those around you: your loved ones, strangers, anyone and everyone and to the things happening around you. You can even use #NationalSituationalAwarenessDay on social media!

Okay, so my recent focus and journey have been geared towards forgiveness. (Check out my latest book “The Forgiveness Solution: A Step by Step Process to Let It Go,” here.)  That being said, I want to take the idea of National Situational Awareness Day and think about situational forgiveness.

In Chapter 4, ‘Understanding Forgiveness’ in my book, I discuss situational forgiveness and define it as forgiving what happened so you can stop being angry.  It can be hard because it’s not like forgiving a person, you can’t have empathy for cancer or natural disasters. Situational forgiveness can teach us some of life’s greatest lessons.  Many times, an unexplained situation, even the really bad ones, can catapult us to a better life.  Tough situations can bring out the strength we never knew we had. Read about my personal story of situational forgiveness in my book!  I know it will help you understand the concept even further and maybe help you forgive a situation you find yourself or someone you love in.

Today’s take away: Be mindful. Be aware. It will only do good things for you.

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